Permanent Tracks

The new definition of sports and fun

Design your existing or new permanent track even more interesting for your users.

Summer slide runs


Running tracks

Mountain bike tracks

Motorcycle routes

School facilities

Ski racetracks

Snowboard Funparks

Other sports and fun games


Extend your offer by taking the time, showing individual route choice, measuring speed and making video footage.

The results are immediately available via App and displayed in a personalized manner.

Your desired evaluations about time, speed, distance, etc. can be represented as top lists per day or for example as all-time route minimum time. This performance list can easily be displayed on any homepages.

Results and other information such as video footage can be shared by the users immediately via social networks.

If desired, conventional display panels can also be operated, for example during competitions.

Downhill tracks

For you as an operator, it is possible at any time to get the current data on the use of your facility. Because of the registering of the users, it is evaluated who the users are and where they come from. You have the option to make advertising via push messages.

The collected email addresses can also be used for marketing purposes. For possible usage fees, our system can also be charged via an app.


The System is light and environmentally friendly and can be easily relocated. This makes it possible, to run in winter a ski racetrack and in summer a toboggan run with the same facility.

It is not absolutely necessary to wire the tracks. During battery operation the battery status can be monitored via Internet. The whole system can be maintained over the Internet and thus kept up to date.

We offer the entire service exclusively as rental model. This means you only have low investment costs.